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Ian Balina AMA at the Airport | 18 October

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  • 6:00 If you had to minimize your portfolio what coin would you choose?
  • 7:15 Still bullish on Mainframe?
  • 7:48 YouTube donations from super chat contributions.
  • 9:10 Sparkster feedback.
  • 9:42 Do you think Vitalik will leave Ethereum?
  • 10:27 Thoughts on STOs becoming the next big thing?
  • 11:27 How is your relationship with Pareto?
  • 12:05 Who will be bigger in 5 years between Binance ETF and Coinbase?
  • 13:44 Why is Coinbase adding Litecoin so slowly?
  • 14:20 Thoughts on nOS?
  • 15:46 Phantasma.
  • 16:45 When Bull Run? What coins to hold for it?
  • 17:04 Edenchain?
  • 17:11 Do you own XRP?
  • 17:34 Phantasma & NEX.
  • 18:08 What about Cardano?
  • 18:38 Do you have to be a millionaire to be an angel investor?
  • 19:30 PundiX?
  • 19:35 Tolar?
  • 20:42 Holochain?
  • 21:04 What are the key factors that make building on NEO platform less than desirable?
  • 21:17 Dent?
  • 21:27 Quarkchain?
  • 21:53 Do you have an allocation in Harmony yet?
  • 23:23 Top ICOs?
  • 23:44 Thoughts on ArcBlock as it was an AllStar.
  • 24:15 1 year prediction for Ncash and Zilliqa.
  • 24:41 Any thoughts on Spatium?
  • 25:43 Bullish on Stellar?
  • 26;12 Next Coinbase coin?
  • 26:57 Do you think the hype has died down?
  • 27:57 Live wrap-up.


No dates
Open consensus for 10B people


Smart internet for the smart economy


No dates
A decentralized network for censorship-resistant message routing

Sparklecoin SPRK

Business services · Cryptocurrency · Investment · Platform
Real blockchain solutions

Phantasma SOUL

Communication · Other
Next-generation content distribution

Tolar HashNET TOL

Open source, community governed crypto-currency

Holo HOT Token

Communication · Infrastructure · Internet · Platform
Hello, we are Holo. Where the crowd is the cloud

QuarkChain QKC

A high-capacity peer-to-peer transactional system

Arcblock ABT

Cryptocurrency · Platform
Built for the new token economy

Spatium SPT

No dates
Future of finance. Secured.

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